FAQ - Plus

Info on the MapChart Plus subscription and features.

Plus features

What are the extra features of MapChart Plus?

Check the Plus page to learn more about the MapChart Plus perks.

How do I use the MapChart Plus features?

Check the Tutorial Plus page for guides on using the extra features.

Do you offer a trial version for MapChart Plus?


Please check the Plus page, where you'll find a preview video and detailed explanations, to get a quick taste of all the Plus features.

Do I also get support as a MapChart Plus user?

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any issue you may encounter.

If it’s a problem related to your account or a bug you found, you can expect an answer in 1-3 days time. For the rest (suggestions and general feedback), I try to answer all e-mails as soon as time allows.

Is there a limit to My Maps?

You can save up to 1,000 different map configurations (which is a lot!) to your account.

Is there a limit to My Palette?

You can save up to 1,000 different colors or patterns per account.

What happens if my MapChart Plus subscription expires?

If you don't renew your MapChart Plus subscription, you'll lose access to your account and the Plus features. Your data (maps saved to My Maps, colors saved to My Palette, preferences, etc.) will not be deleted. If you later decide to renew, you'll be able to access your account and your data again.

Is there a dedicated Discord server for Plus users?

Yes. Feel free to join the MapChart Plus Discord server and provide your suggestions and feedback!

Your subscription

How does this work?

You subscribe to MapChart Plus for $39.99/year, via Gumroad, which is our payment processor. You will then receive instructions on creating your MapChart Plus account and accessing all the extra features.

Will the subscription renew automatically?

Yes. You will receive an email reminding you about the upcoming MapChart Plus renewal 7 days before the charge. This is handled automatically by Gumroad.

Where can I find my subscription info?

You will find basic info on your subscription in your Account Settings.

You can also manage your subscription via Gumroad. Learn more in this article.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel it via Gumroad. Learn more in this article.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

You will be able to access your account and MapChart Plus features, until the end of your year term.

As an example: you subscribe on 1 April 2023 and cancel on 1 June 2023. You will still have access to your account, maps, and other features until 31 March 2024. On 1 April 2024, you won't be charged for renewal.

I forgot to cancel my subscription.

No worries! You won't be charged for something you don't want to use. Reach out to via the contact page and I'll cancel your subscription and refund the erroneous renewal costs.

How do I request a refund?

My philosophy is that if you, as a user, are not happy, then I’m not happy, so there is a 15-days, no-questions-asked refund policy.

Please email [email protected] for a full refund in this time period. I would appreciate if you can also share the reason you didn't find MapChart Plus to your liking, but doing so is not necessary for a refund.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Gumroad handles everything related to payment and subscriptions processing. The Gumroad store accepts all major credit cards or PayPal. Check their accepted payment methods.

Can I update my payment info?

All payments are processed by Gumroad, so in order to update your payment details, follow the instructions here.

I need an invoice, where I can request it?

All payments are processed by Gumroad, so in order to receive an invoice for your purchase, follow the instructions here.

How is VAT handled?

VAT is automatically handled by Gumroad. If you have a VAT ID you can enter it on your invoice, if you're not required to pay VAT, Gumroad will automatically issue a VAT refund.

Mobile app integration

Can I access MapChart Plus from the mobile apps as well?

Yes! In the iOS or Android app, you will find the option to log in with your MapChart Plus account. You will then be able to sync your maps, palette, and settings with the website (or the opposite).

I already have Premium or Premium Max on the MapChart mobile app?

Great! Then you can get a discount code to use for subscribing to MapChart Plus. In the app, go to About/Options > Discount for MapChart Plus, to generate your unique discount code.

Use that in the “Discount code” field on Gumroad to get the corresponding amount off.

Historical MapChart

Does it also work for the historical version of MapChart?


All Plus features are also available for the historical version of MapChart too, with the same account, and no special setup required.

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