Tracking updates of the and websites.

Version 3.0.0 - 25 September 2022

  • Announcing MapChart Plus! It's a brand new, premium version of the website and the mobile apps that gets you:
    • 👤   Your own MapChart Plus account.
    • 🗺   My Maps: save all maps you make to your account. No need to use text files any more!
    • 🎨   My Palette: save your favourite colors and patterns to your account and find them quickly.
    • 🚫   No ads.
    • 🌙   A dark theme for the whole website.
    • 🖌   5 extra map themes, to better customize your maps.
    • 📲   The Premium Max version (costing 9.99$) of the mobile app (iOS or Android).
  • You can join MapChart Plus via the Plus page.
  • Relevant blog post.
  • [Beta] The beta program is now over. Users that participated in it 1 year of MapChart Plus for free, as a reward for their invaluable feedback. Thanks again!
  • Various UI improvements.

Version 2.17.1 - 6 September 2022

  • Fixed an issue with previewing the Romania map.

Version 2.17.0 - 5 September 2022

  • New map! A complete map of Romania's subdivisions (counties, communes, cities, and municipalities) is now available! You can also use the sliders in More Options to make counties colourable or transparent.
  • Fixes and improvements to maps:
    • Westeros: added again the option to change the color of city labels in Advanced.
    • World Subdivisions and Asia Detailed: renamed Dəvəçi_AZ to Şabran_AZ.
    • Europa Universalis IV: split Slesvig province to Slesvig and Fyn.
    • Europa Universalis IV: fixed name of Cabo Verde.
    • Europe: fixed borders between Wales and England when the "Split the UK" option is activated.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • [Beta] Adapted Historical MapChart pages to the dark theme.

Version 2.16.5 - 28 August 2022

  • In the color pickers, when you input your custom hex color, you will now be able to check a preview of it, before selecting. Pressing Enter to select your custom color will now work too.
  • The "too many legend entries" warning will now automatically go away as you remove legend entries from the map.
  • Various UI improvements.
  • [Beta] You can now use your account on the Historical MapChart website as well.
  • [Beta] Fixed handling errors when changing e-mail.
  • [Beta] Added GIFs explaining the My Maps save/load process.

Version 2.16.4 - 16 August 2022

  • Map fixes:
    • World subdivisions: Added missing New Ireland province to Papua New Guinea.
    • USA Congressional Districts: positioning of some state abbreviation labels.
    • USA Counties: minor border fix in MA.
    • Europa Universalis IV: fixed name of Vlaanderen province.
    • Renamed references of Kiev to Kyiv in all maps.

Version 2.16.3 - 12 August 2022

  • Small UI changes for map pages.
  • [Beta] Added user and subscription information to Account page.

Version 2.16.2 - 7 August 2022

  • Improvements and fixes for the Europa Universalis IV provinces map:
    • You can now color all wastelands (impassables) with a single click, to speed-up map-making. Use the Color Wastelands button in the More Options section.
    • Default color of some provinces.
    • Name of the Noquet province.

Version 2.16.1 - 2 August 2022

  • Fixes for the Europa Universalis IV provinces map:
    • Added some bottom padding to the map.
    • Fixed names of Cayman Islands, Irkutsk, Manokwari, Romsdal, Inner Hebrides, and Tokachi.
    • Split the following provinces to be able to color them separately: The Alps, High Atlas, Egyptian Desert, and Zagros.
    • Split Combahee to Combahee and Saluda.
    • Split Noquet to Noquet and La Pointe.

Version 2.16.0 - 1 August 2022

Version 2.15.2 - 28 July 2022

  • USA Congressional Districts: Swapped WV01 with WV02 districts.
  • Fixed a bug with uploading map configs to the World map with microstates page.

Version 2.15.1 - 26 July 2022

  • You can now use the MapChart Configuration Export tool (for Windows and macOS) to export config files for the UK - Elections map as well.
  • Fixes to maps:
    • Hearts of Iron IV map: name of Yarkand subdivision.
    • World Subdivisions/Asia-Detailed: split Papua_ID into three new subdivisions (Central Papua, Highland Papua, and South Papua), valid after 30th June 2022.
    • World Subdivisions/Asia-Detailed: name of Zabaykalsky_Krai_RU subdivision.

Version 2.15.0 - 12 July 2022

  • [Beta] Import configurations: You can now import all the map configurations you have in text files (.txt) to your account. Find it via the My Maps page and the Import from text files section.
  • [Beta] Reordered the columns of the available map configurations tables.
  • [Beta] The map configurations table in My Maps now shows the full name of the page that the map belongs to.
  • World Subdivisions: Fixed Edineț_MD.
  • US Congressional Districts: Fixed borders of Hawaii districts.

Version 2.14.14 - 2 July 2022

Version 2.14.13 - 30 June 2022

  • Fixed issue where, when typing numbers (1 to 9) in the legend title or labels, the selected color would change.

Version 2.14.12 - 29 June 2022

  • Fixed issue with the Background color picker not being able to be set to a color with transparency.

Version 2.14.11 - 28 June 2022

  • Fixed issue with the Add Pattern dialog showing the wrong colors sometimes.
  • [Beta] Fixed issue with the Add Pattern dialog not working via the 'My Palette' page.

Version 2.14.10 - 23 June 2022

  • The US Congressional Districts map has been updated with all the redistricting changes for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections (118th Congress), except for the state of Louisiana, which hasn't approved a map yet. You can find the previous (117th Congress) map, via the Select Congress option on the page. The Excel tools have also been updated.
  • Fixed an issue where when using the Clear All button, the map theme was also set to the Default one. Now, it should preserve your currently preferred map theme and only clear your edits on the map.

Version 2.14.9 - 21 June 2022

  • Added links to the unofficial subreddit and Discord server for MapChart in the page's footer.
  • Fixes and improvements:
    • For maps with state borders and abbreviations (US Counties, US Congressional Districts, EU NUTS maps, US electoral cartogram):
      • State borders now have the same color as the subdivision borders.
      • State abbreviations now have the same color as the subdivision labels (if any).
      This makes these maps more legible when using non-default Map Themes.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies when isolating a state in the US counties map.
    • Better handling of custom colors. If you manually enter an invalid color, you will see an appropriate error message. Also, if you are selecting a custom color, the legend box in Step 2 will be updated as well.
    • The More Maps menu on the navigation bar is now wider and with a 3 column layout.
    • Fixed issue with the color picker getting cut off when opening it from the Add Pattern dialog.
    • World Subdivisions: name of Örebro subdivision.
    • World Subdivisions/Europe Detailed: Fixed labels and errors in Moldavia and Romania:
      • Romania labels: Timiș, Caraș-Severin, Mehedinți, Sălaj, Maramureș, Bistrița-Năsăud, Mureș, Brașov, Argeș, Dâmbovița, Buzău, Brăila, Ialomița, Constanța, Galați, Bacău, Neamț, Iași and Botoșani.
      • Moldova labels: Ocnița, Dondușeni, Edineț, Rîșcani, Bălți, Fălești, Florești, Telenești, Călărași, Șoldănești, Strășeni, Chișinău, Hîncești, Cimișlia, Căușeni and Ștefan Vodă.
      • Merged Cainari district into Căușeni.
      • Renamed Bender to Slobozia.
      • Changed some of Transistria's districts to group as OT (other, autonomous, unrecognized) instead of MD (Moldova).
  • [Beta] In the color picker, right-clicking on a color from the palette will now show options to Add or Remove it to/from My Palette.
  • [Beta] When loading a config from My Maps, if there is an error, an error dialog will appear with diagnostics info.
  • [Beta] When saving a config to My Maps, you can now hit Enter/Return in the dialog to save.

Version 2.14.8 - 12 June 2022

  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Entering an invalid color when selecting a custom color now shows an error message.
    • World - Advanced: fixed behavior of zoom mode when changing map projection.
    • US hex cartogram: electoral votes count is now updated properly when a configuration is restored or using the random color Script.
    • Tamriel: removed a switch that did nothing from More Options section.
    • US Counties: better UI behavior when isolating a state.
    • Italy: fixed default color of Agrigento district.
    • UK: fixed label of Kincardineshire.
    • UK (historic): fixed Norfolk not being hidden when hiding all of Great Britain.
  • [Beta] Fixed color of rows in Load dialog and My Maps table.
  • [Beta] Fixed export functionality of My Maps.
  • [Beta] Fixed color of random color Script dropdown.

Version 2.14.7 - 10 June 2022

  • The beta program is now under way! The 50 selected users are already reporting bugs for the new, experimental features. These will also be tracked here.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to remove a row from the legend after changing its color.
  • Fixed names and spellings on the following maps:
    • World Subdivisions and Europe - Detailed: names of Arkhangelsk, Agion Oros, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Luhansk, Sjælland, Örebro.
    • Belgium: names of municipalities of Saint Nicolas and Sint Niklaas.
    • The Caribbean: label of Saint Barthelemy.
    • Netherlands: names of Noardeast-Fryslân and Sudwest-Fryslân.
    • Tamriel: names of Stros M' Kai Archipelago and Helstrom Region, labels of Stros M' Kai and Cheydinhal.
  • Fixed an issue on the map of Italy with the district of Agrigento.
  • [Beta] Fixed styling issues on loading configuration tables and map themes.
  • [Beta] Fixed export button functionality in My Maps page.

Version 2.14.6 - 3 June 2022

  • A new setting for the Make a Map of a Single Country/State and Isolate Multiple Countries/States options: you can now set if the colors and data of other subdivisions should be cleared. Example:
    • On the US counties map, you color some counties in Texas (TX) 🟥 , some in California (CA) 🟦 , and some in Alabama (AL) 🟨 .
    • You isolate the state of Texas (TX) 🟥 .
    • If Clear colors of other counties is checked, the 🟦 and 🟨 colors (from the now hidden CA and AL counties) will be removed (cleared) from the map. This is the default behavior.
    • If Clear colors of other counties is unchecked, the 🟦 and 🟨 colors (from the now hidden CA and AL counties) will not be removed from the map. If you select Show All you will be able to see them again.
  • Fixed: using the random color Script now adds the generated colors in the palette.

Version 2.14.5 - 30 May 2022

  • Fixed issue with some pages not loading in Safari on iPads.
  • Fixed Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in Asia Detailed and World subdivisions maps. It previously was wrongly labelled as Esfahan.
  • Renamed the "Preferences" button back to "UI".

Version 2.14.0 - 28 May 2022

  • New beta program to test major upcoming features. Find out more in the beta signup page.
  • Map themes! You can now select a pre-defined map theme for all your maps:
    • ⚪️  Default: white background, grey countries
    • ⚫️  Dark: dark background, dark grey countries
    • 🔵  Aqua: light blue background, light grey countries
    Set the map theme you want via the UI section at the left edge of the map.
  • New legend option: you can now split the legend into two columns. Useful for maps with many legend entries. Find it via the Legend Options option in Step 2.
  • New feature: Map Scripts! You can now use Scripts to quickly color or get data from a map. These include:
    • Random color: Randomly colors the whole map.
    • Random color by group: Randomly colors the whole map by group (country or state). Available only on relevant maps.
    • Find uncolored: Scans the map for countries that are uncolored and outputs them as a list.
    • Count: Outputs the total number of elements on the map.
    • Count by group: Outputs the total number of elements on the map by group (country or state). Available only on relevant maps.
    • List: Get a comma-separated list of all countries/states on the map.
    Find the Scripts dialog in the Step 1 > More Options section.
  • New shortcut: You can now use numpad shortcuts (keys 1 to 9) to select a already used color.
  • Fixed an issue with the US Counties map and the state borders.
  • Isolating a state in the US Counties map now zooms in to the state progressively.
  • Added this Changelog page, to track all updates of the website.
  • Fixed an issue with the Europe maps and the location of the islands next to Mallorca.
  • Added a link to the licensing section in the footer.
  • Multiple fixes to the UI of the website:
    • When you use the Clear All option, a info message is shown, stating that you can use the Undo option.
    • Redesign of the various on/off switches.
    • The Edit button is now only shown when in Preview Map mode.
    • Fixed issues with the layout of the More Options section.
    • Fixed issues with the functionality of the More Options section.
    • Added proper placeholders for the Isolate Multiple elements and Color Multiple elements sections.
    • Fixed issues with the Simple UI layout.
    • Renamed the UI button to Preferences, which also contains the map theme switcher.