MapChart Beta

Now looking for a limited number of users to test the latest features.

Thanks to everyone for applying! Users accepted to the beta program will be notified on 10 June 2022.

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Hi, and thank you for the interest!

MapChart will soon get a big update with many new features. In short, there will be a premium/paid version of the website, which will include (not final):

  • A user account system (register, login, etc.).
  • A way to save your map configurations to your account and access them from any device.
  • A way to save your favorite colors to your account and access them from any device.
  • Extra themes, map skins, etc.
  • Ad-free version.

You can check a first preview of the upcoming My Maps feature:

All of MapChart's current and future features and maps will stay free, of course.

Call for beta testers

Now looking for around 50 frequent users of the website, to have a first look and test the new features.

I am mostly trying to find bugs and calculate the correct pricing model for the new features, so you would just need to use MapChart as you would in any other situation.


You need to be a frequent user of the website, so you know at least most of its basic features, like:

  • How to color a map.
  • How to edit a map's legend.
  • How to save and upload a map with a text file configuration.
  • How to download a map.
  • How to generally find your way around the website.

You need to be able to speak and write English, so you can communicate your feedback and understand the instructions for the new features.

You need to have a valid e-mail account, as you will have to use it to log in to MapChart.

You need to be able to join a Discord server for MapChart's beta program, where you can ask questions and I can gather your feedback.

So, if you are a daily user of the website, you don't need to do anything special at all!

What you get

  • A unique first look on MapChart's new features.
  • A direct line to me, where you can give your feedback, issues, and suggestions for the website.
  • A one-time discount coupon for the upcoming premium version.


This is a general outline, subject to change.

28 May to 2 June 2022:

The beta application is available for everyone! You can fill it out to get a chance to participate in the beta program.

3 to 9 June 2022:

Filtering of the applications and choosing the final participants. This will be based on the completeness of your application and a random draw to get to the final 50 testers.

10 June 2022:

The final 50 will get an e-mail with instructions on how to join the beta program and the dedicated Discord server. They will get a test account for MapChart's new account system and can begin to use it and test its features.

11 June 2022 - XX June/July 2022:

Beta users are testing and working with the new MapChart features. They are able to provide feedback and suggestions through the Discord chat.

When ready and the system seems to be working as intended, the new MapChart version will be available for everyone!


Thanks to everyone for applying! Users accepted to the beta program will be notified on 10 June 2022.

Thanks again, and have fun making maps!
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